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A college-prep school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for grades 6-12, integrating the arts with problem-based learning to meet the needs of twice-exceptional (2E), gifted learners who are not reaching their potential in a traditional school setting.

Conservatory Prep Schools: A Place Where You Can Just Be Yourself

Going to school everyday where you are appreciated for just being you. Where your ideas are encouraged and your passions fostered by teachers and fellow classmates.

A day where you begin the day by being welcomed by your friends and teachers, followed by writing a play or a song in Latin. A day where math is  FINALLY understood. A day where science is all about discovery and solving problems, rather than memorization for a test. A day where learning social studies includes cooking, music, dance, art and theater along with research and presentations. Imagine…. Coming to school every day without aches and pains because you no longer worried about not understanding the homework or fear of failing an exam.

A place where you can just be yourself.

testimonials“I will never forget the image of my daughter walking across the stage with mic in hand, with pure joy in her eyes and confidence in her steps. She may have been a little off key but all I saw was a brave young woman who believes in herself, believes in her peers and believes in what the teachers have taught her.” – K. Monahan, Parent

“This is a school that will change the way you think about education and will change the life of your child.” D. Ross, parent

“I sent my son to Conservatory Prep and it was the best thing I have ever done. He grew as a person and finally found the perfect fit to make him a happy kid and me a happy mom.” – J. Waxenberg, parent

“I haven’t heard my gifted son say I’m bored or I hate school again.” – M. Castellanos, parent

“Although my daughter has always been an A student, she never liked going to school. She is now a new, happy person, full of confidence, loves learning, her creativity has developed and flourished”. M. Murias, parent

Advanc-ED commented on the most recent re-accreditation April 2014:

Involving all subject areas through annual themes and an integrated curriculum provides a foundation for students to become self-confident, adaptable, critical thinkers.

“Parents spoke of the school’s ability to support their child’s growth with interpersonal relations, the arts, science, math, language, writing, music, and life skills in a manner that bolstered their happiness, well-being, and renewed their enthusiasm to learn. Students are encouraged to flourish as individuals and find their own passion in life.

“Learning is important to the school; what is within the control of the school reflects an unwavering focus on student learning, maintenance of a culture of respect, social interaction, and unstructured positive exchanges of information among students. The concept of collective efficacy is well understood: “We believe we can make a difference and we are making every effort to prove it…My radar hits the ground and you can’t fly under it.”


Conservatory Prep Schools is authorized by SEVIS to issue Form I-20 for our non-immigrant students wishing to obtain a visa to study with us.

Students requiring housing are encouraged to use Homestay Florida, which will take take of their housing and supervisory needs.

Conservatory Prep Schools is located inside the David Posnack Jewish Community Center
Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Member of the Independent Curriculum Group

Contact Details

School Address:
5850 S. Pine Island Road
Davie, FL 33328-5933

Telephone: (954) 680-5808
Fax: (844) 428-2355
E-Mail: info@conservatoryprep.org


Business Office Address:
7479 N.W. 4th Street
Plantation, FL 33317-2227

Telephone: (954) 321-1815
E-Mail: admin@conservatoryprep.org